This is where you'll find other interesting Scots-related internet sites.

To get it started, we are featuring the "March of the Clans"
down Edinburgh's Royal Mile.  It was held during Scotland's Homecoming last year......
You'll need a broadband internet connection for this one.

If you are a member of a Clan, then there is a fair chance that you
will find your Clansmen somewhere in this march past.

 We're currently putting together a list of potential links.
Let us know of any sites that you think should be listed here.

The March of the Clans
down Edinborgh's golden mile
Broadband recommended.

For any Pipe Band gear
that you may require.
Adelaide Kilt Hire & Scottish Shop
Ian's new web site, at last.
If you like midi files,
check this site!
If you want to study
a little history!
A link also to A.P.B.A. Inc.
S.A. Branch
New Zealand contact for
Band supplies

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